Fundraising, Resource Allocation + Grantmaking

A core part of United Way’s work is fundraising and distributing resources back into the community to create positive change.

Campaign and Its Impact on the Community

At United Way, we ​​unite individuals and organizations to solve our community’s biggest problems. Each year, we’re invited into nearly 200 local workplaces to craft unique engagement plans  for how to give back in a meaningful way. Through the power of...

The Link Between Economic Recovery and Early Childhood Care

Last week, we introduced the importance of high-quality early childhood education and care. All kids deserve access to a high-quality education and care. But sometimes that access is different depending on what neighborhood a child is from or on their household...

Early Childhood Success

Early Childhood Success depends on access to education and care. A child’s household income shouldn’t restrict their access to high-quality early support, like education and childcare. All kids deserve access to a high-quality education and care. But sometimes that...



CommUNITY Schools Program

The CommUNITY Schools program, a three-year partnership between local nonprofits Northside Neighborhood House and Helen Ross McNabb Center, serves K-12 students across the county by focusing on whole-child well-being. CommUNITY Schools have a strong focus on student...


One of our nonprofit partners, Goodwill, recently received Community Investment funding to help support their efforts to provide reliable and consistent employment opportunities which offer crucial skills and training for individuals entering the workforce....

More Ways to Get Involved


Your donation stays local to support life-changing efforts in your own backyard.



Find opportunities to share your time and talents with those who need it most.



Share your voice to impact the education, stability and health of our neighbors.