Learn United

Conversation Series

Join us as we leverage the power of conversation to build bridges and break barriers across Chattanooga. United, we can build a stronger community.

The Heart of Learn United

Elevate Voices

Learn United focuses on creating intentionally diverse spaces for conversation. Focusing on underrepresented voices in our community creates more pathways to holistic change for our neighbors.

Practice Empathy

Attendees are challenged to listen to stories that differ from their own and share their personal perspective. Understanding the complex challenges our neighbors face requires empathy.

Ignite Change

Our ultimate hope is that Learn United conversations are a catalyst for tangible impact. Every attendee can leave inspired to take their own unique actions in the community to build a brighter future.

A Conversation on Responsibility
A Conversation on Resilience
A Conversation on Hope

A Conversation on Responsibility

This Learn United event focused on our shared responsibility as a community. Through meaningful collaboration with the Noogavision Theatre Company, we leveraged the performing arts as a medium to portray the authentic experiences of our neighbors. The goal was to illuminate the daily frustrations, questions, and challenges faced by members of our community. Attendees discussed the interconnectedness of our community and how we could better support our neighbors.

A Conversation on Resilience

Global speaker, advocate, and educator Reverend Nontombi Naomi Tutu joined us for a conversation on resilience for our second event in the Learn United Conversation Series. As a lifelong activist for human rights, Rev. Tutu spoke about our shared humanity and her experience growing up in apartheid South Africa. Community members ended the evening by writing a note to thier younger selves about overcoming challenges. 

A Conversation of Hope

The one thing that truly unites us is hope. The first conversation in this series was led by Lesley Scearce, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Chattanooga, and Samar Ali, Research Professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University, Co-Chair of Vanderbilt Project on Unity & American Democracy, and Founding President and CEO of Millions of Conversations. 

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