Thank you for making our community BETTER.

For our first ever Impact Days we were able to coordinate over 1,000 volunteers with 71 projects!

United Way of Greater Chattanooga

Over the Years


Community Chest Chattanooga

The purpose of the Community Chest was to “strengthen and make effective the spirit of human helpfulness in Chattanooga.”


UWGC receives an endowment

United Way of Greater Chattanooga becomes one of only a handful of organizations to receive an endowment.


The United Fund gets a new name

The United Fund transitions to the United Way of Greater Chattanooga


Mai Bell Hurley

Mai Bell Hurley becomes the first female campaign chair.


Day of Caring

United Way of Greater Chattanooga held its first Day of Caring, and each year it continues to bring the community together to celebrate the volunteer spirit.  


Solving Local Issues

United Way begins selecting local issues to fundraise for and make grants to nonprofits who can address them.  


The Hub for Social Innovation

United Way of Greater Chattanooga announces plans to house “The Hub for Social Innovation,” run by Venture Forward, formerly known as the Center for Nonprofits. 


New Community Investments Model

United Way of Greater Chattanooga shifts to a competitive funding model 

100 Years of Impact within our Community – An Introduction to 100 Years of UWGC

As we welcome the new year, we’re excited to share that this year is our centennial anniversary! While we are excited to celebrate the meaningful work that has come from the past hundred years of service to our community, we’re even more excited to look to the next...

The Chattanooga Community Chest

Chattanooga has been at the intersection of history for thousands of years and a hub of American milestones in education, health, industry and innovation since John Ross established his trading post in 1816. In 1922, the city boasted a population of 57,000 residents,...

A Century of 2-1-1

The Chattanooga landscape in 1982 was in stark contrast to the city we see today but the winds that would bring that change were starting to blow. The leaders whose names are etched in history as agents of these changes were the active in the United Way, their...

A Volunteer Spirit

When Tennessee became a state in 1796, the Tennessee River was already a highway for westward migration as a new nation was born and pioneers sought lands beyond the original colonies. During the War of 1812 a call went out for troops and Tennessee, after only fifteen...

Volunteerism & Loaned Executives

Tennessee has been noted throughout its history for the volunteer spirit of its citizens and their willingness to defend their country and their neighbors. Established in 1922, the agency that would become the United Way of Greater Chattanooga led the way with...

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