McKenna Quatro Johnson

Q&A: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Toxic Stress

Not all Greater Chattanoogans have what they need to lead a healthy life.  And not all members of our community can expect the same health outcomes in their lifetime. Much of what determines a person’s health occurs outside the doctor’s office. Unfortunately,...

Home Ownership and Affordable Housing: Q&A with an Expert

The impact of home ownership on stability is critical.  When an individual or household is able to own their home, their outlook for long-term stability improves - and when neighborhoods are stable, they thrive. Stable residents are more likely to engage in...
Restoring Hope through the COVID-19 Crisis

Restoring Hope through the COVID-19 Crisis

When COVID-19 hit our community last March, hundreds of individuals lost their jobs or experienced a shortage of income. And for some households, this meant they faced a choice between paying rent or putting food on the table. Many Greater Chattanoogas found themselves needing to ask for help for the first time.

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