united way of greater chattanooga

Community Innovation Partners

We understand no single person or group can fully address the intricate problems facing our community.  Our non-traditional partners don’t necessarily receive financial support from us, but they are no less crucial to well-being and success of our community. 

Partnership makes big results possible!   It takes partnerships and dedication at all levels to tackle our community's biggest issues. We work with more than 250 of them -- nonprofits, government, faith-based and more.  Here are just a few of the new and innovative partnerships that demonstrate the power of the Social Network for Social Good.

Chattanooga 2.0

Our community needs an educated, ready workforce. It’s estimated that 83% of jobs in Hamilton County will require some kind of degree beyond high school — and only 38% of residents in Hamilton County currently have any education beyond high school. That’s a tremendous opportunity! United Way is a lead player in the Chattanooga 2.0 core team alongside other community partners. Find out more.

Chattanooga Mentoring Collective

Kids need caring adults to achieve academic and personal success. Partners in the collective work to boost mentoring opportunities for all children in Hamilton County. Already, more than 25 schools and 25 community partners have joined. Right now we are actively recruiting more than 385 kids who are waiting for a mentor. Find out more.


We're working with Causeway and more than 100 other area organizations to power up giving during holiday shopping season on Giving Tuesday.  Last year CHAGives generated more than $100K in donations!  Find out more and get involved.